In the world of IQ testing today, three categories of IQ tests which are most commonly used are: the timed IQ test, the untimed IQ test and the power IQ test. The timed tests and untimed tests indicate that whether the test has a limit of time to be completed, and the last is the power test which is an IQ test specially used for people with exceptional IQ.


In addition to the old Stanford-Binet test, the Wechsler test is an example of the untimed test. And the most renowned timed tests, which are most popular, are such as SAT and GRE, Raven Progressive Matrices, California Mental Maturity Test and Cattle Culture Fair. A power test is a series of difficult problems based on things people may get into in life. The most renowned tests of this category are Titan Test, Test for Genius and Mega Test.


The score from an IQ test can be useful in indicating what an individual’s intelligence level is.

There are a lot of IQ tests which have a lot of defects listed below:


1 – Like any other examination or test, someone can obtain a high score by fraud.


2 – Additionally, like any other examination or test, the scores of these IQ tests can be affected by various factors such as the skills of reading and persistence rather than just the pure intelligence


3 – There are a lot of IQ tests which cannot cover general intelligence. They are just to cover a certain aspect of intelligence. There are many individuals cannot balance their intelligence, for instance, you may be exceptional at physics but badly perform at verbal skills. That leads their average-intelligence test score to being lessened. The IQ tests such as Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale separate a test into many subsections to assess more accurately the intelligence of an individual.